What's the advantage of our hosting service?

  • Managed Limitedly Shared Server with up to 1000GB Bandwidth.

    Your website doesn't need to share the limited bandwidth with millions of, but only tens of other websites, so the access to your website will be very fast and stable. In contrast, with most popular shared hosting companies, you would be on the same server as many many other sites, sharing the bandwidth and other resources, with no control over the server itself.

  • No eroticism, violence websites will be allowed to host in our server, so you don't need to worry that your website's IP address will be banned or blocked by other organizations, or telecom providers, even or other countries which enforce strict laws.

  • We can provide you with 2 FREE email addresses under your own domain name.

  • As the name - "Managed" Limitedly Shared Server - implies, we take care of all maintenance works for the server, such as security guard and monitoring, anti-virus, data backups, application upgrades, daily logs, and so on. Also, we can provide your website with basic technical supports FREE of charge.

  • The most important, you just need to pay LESS to own such a professional web hosting service! Our price is probably the lowest in Great Vancouver Area, even in Canada.

  • Undoubtedly, hosting an enterprise-level website in such a Managed Limitedly Shared Server will be the best choice for your business. Don't hesitate, just contact us!